Scenery Building Tutorials

  • Recommended Tools

    Recommended Tools

    The assembly & painting of resin or white metal models requires essentially the same toolkit, most of which are pretty straightforward and probably already in your possession. This section recommends a few specific pieces that will make working on your models faster and easier. All...

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  • Using Plasticard & Textured Sheet

    Using Plasticard & Textured Sheet

    Introduction Professional modelmakers have used plastics as virtually their sole working material for over 30 years. However, hobbyists, miniaturists and amateur model builders have continued to use wood, card and brass for their models. There are, of course, applications where those materials are suitable or desirable,...

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  • Clive, the nodding donkey

    Clive, the nodding donkey

    Laser-cut kit. Model shown assembled using PVA woodglue for strength; superglue and accelerator will allow faster assembly at the general expense of durability.

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  • Derrick


    Laser-cut kit building an oil derrick platform - also suitable as a comms tower support or any number of SF setpieces.

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  • Griffin House

    Griffin House

    Griffin House is our first kit for the planned Arkham Avenue range of scenery & buildings and as such it's been something of a learning curve for us in terms of producing an architecturally interesting model that's also easily assembled by the average...

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