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  • Rise of the Draugr on Kickstarter

    Rise of the Draugr on Kickstarter

    I've just launched our first ever solo KS in the hope of funding production of a range of 28mm dark ages undead - including beastmen, trolls, cavalry - even a zombie dragon and the mighty Grendel ! Full details can be found on the KS...

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  • Workshop move: complete

    Workshop move: complete

    After 3 months of mostly solo labour & haulage I'm finally calling the workshop move complete as of today: mainly because after 13 weeks without reliable access I've finally got working broadband in the new premises. Add to that the new signage going up on...

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  • Workshop move & delays

    Workshop move & delays

    After 4 years of asking, I've finally got access to new workshop space in the Historic Dockyard, and now have the unenviable task of moving 3 smaller workshops' worth of stuff into one far larger space. Long term, this will, at last, allow me to grow...

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  • Order delays

    Order delays

    There's currently a longer delay than normal on order processing caused by a number of issues. Life/work as a one-man band means that it only takes the slightest interruption to completely throw production off-schedule. I'm in the last stages of snagging work...

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  • Sinking Ship

    Sinking Ship

    "Of course the Head Rat would leave the sinking ship..." New in the webshop, 16-piece resin set of ratty accompaniment to the breakdown of any 28mm society. Rats, giant rats, wererats and even a rat king... link here:

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