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  • Wyrdworld ReCreated Phase ii

    Wyrdworld ReCreated Phase ii

    Our sixth crowdfunder isn’t on Kickstarter - for a number of reasons, recent announcements over blockchain not least among them - and our first on Ko-fi. This is a definite departure from the Norm; our attempt to produce a new set of 28mm-scaled anthropomorphic...

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  • Free minis and upgraded Free Shipping

    Free minis and upgraded Free Shipping

    Still valid til the end of December 2021, you can get yourself FREE Kev White models if your order total is greater than £50/100 in total (before postage). Spend £50 and use code HUMLA50 at checkout to grab a free 28mm faerie from our recent Toadstool Brownies KS;...

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  • Dark Fable miniatures intro

    Dark Fable miniatures intro

    With thanks to Joe at Dragon:Bait miniatures we’re now the UK/EU distributor for Dr Mike Burns’ previously OOP range of Fantasy Egypt and Old School dungeoneering models. Premiered at Salute in November, this is a huge set of models covering the royal...

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  • (Un)seasonal Delays

    (Un)seasonal Delays

    Hello, long-suffering Fenris customers! Quick update regarding backorders, kickstarters, and general state of things here. This last calendar week has been a bit of a hellscape, in terms of one-man-band-trying-to-get-stuff-done-before-xmas-closedown. Three hospital visits and one hugely overstretched covid booster centre on top of slow recovery...

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  • Salute, con crud, and Wyrdworld Late Pledges

    Salute, con crud, and Wyrdworld Late Pledges

    Twenty months late, thanks to Covid, ExCel London finally saw the UK’s biggest wargames show, Salute, held again and many of us traders, large and small, out showing our wares to the world for the first time since Lockdown. The amount of prep for...

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