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FENRIS GAMES is a two-man family business aimed at supplying hobbyists, wargamers, and modelmakers with a cornucopia of goodies, from modelling supplies to finished scenery, sculpted greens to custom modelmaking work, and assorted adjuncts to all of the above!

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  • Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

    Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

    Hello all! Real Life(TM) is finally allowing me a spare timeslot to write a brief update for Wyrdworld ReCreated:Phase ii As you’ll no doubt be aware, delivery was originally hoped for late April and obviously we’re now a few weeks past...

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  • New Promo from April 2022

    New Promo from April 2022

    I’ve been running this promo at tradeshows a while, now, but I’ve finally (I *think*) figured out doing it on the webshop. Adding a 6th item to your basket makes the cheapest FREE… Even if (go on, you know you want to) you...

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  • Final Week on Wyrdworld ReCreated Phase ii PRE ORDER

    Final Week on Wyrdworld ReCreated Phase ii PRE ORDER

    Hello! We’re into the final few days on this experiment in crowdfunding and there have definitely been lessons learned, and plans made for moving forwards. Huge thanks to those of you who’ve backed this campaign either here or via the ko-fi campaign webshop...

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  • WWReCreated Phase ii - Update

    WWReCreated Phase ii - Update

    Our current campaign pre-order is still Live, offering a number of Bundle Deals and the chance to just grab individual characters at a pre-release discount. More than twenty new anthro miniatures following on from last August’s successful KS campaign - everything from wolverine ninjas...

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