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FENRIS GAMES is a two-man family business aimed at supplying hobbyists, wargamers, and modelmakers with a cornucopia of goodies, from modelling supplies to finished scenery, sculpted greens to custom modelmaking work, and assorted adjuncts to all of the above!

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  • November closedown

    November closedown

    The Fenris workshop is now closed while I’m working away on my regular teaching gig to pay some bills(yes, Fenris doesn’t pay enough to be my only job any more)! I’m afk from 19-27th November and no orders will be...

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    SOLO TTG COMPANIES ASSEMBLE! Featuring @BadSquiddoGames @Exit23Games @FenrisGames @Fogou_Models @second_thunder Grab a 10% discount from all our webstores using the code INDIEWINTER10, throughout November. The tabletop miniatures industry is a strange beast. From the outside, non-gamers and casual collectors see only one or...

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  • Rubble City 2 - LIVE on Kickstarter!

    Rubble City 2 - LIVE on Kickstarter!

    Many of you backed us way back in 2018 for our modular city ruins set, Rubble City. We’re pleased to announce a new expansion to those first sets, fully compatible in size and style, currently here on Kickstarter and already zipping into Stretch Goal territory!...

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  • Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

    Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

    Hello all! Real Life(TM) is finally allowing me a spare timeslot to write a brief update for Wyrdworld ReCreated:Phase ii As you’ll no doubt be aware, delivery was originally hoped for late April and obviously we’re now a few weeks past...

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