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  • Too Many Ideas - April 2021

    Too Many Ideas - April 2021

    The rumours of my demise… —- were somewhat premature, thankfully! Just over a year ago, before the World decided to change itself, I closed down the old Fenris workshop in Kent and moved wholesale a couple of hundred miles North in what now seems a...

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  • Ongoing health/hand issues

    Ongoing health/hand issues

    Almost March already, and approaching the 1st anniversary of UK Covid Lockdown. What a very Stange Time we’re living through. While I’m fantastically lucky to have relocated the business to a place allowing me to Work From Home in safety, I am still...

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  • The Year that keeps on Giving.

    The Year that keeps on Giving.

    Short version of Latest News: suspected nerve damage in my spine is leading to increasingly unresponsive hands, which is something of a challenge when you make stuff for a living! It’s been a little over three months since I finished the physical moving of...

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  • Paintallowe’en Competition

    Paintallowe’en Competition

    Painting Competition for September - something to do while you’re (mostly) still indoors, and the chance to win a nice fat gift voucher. Competition to be run on our Twitter @FenrisGames account. Grab something from your Fenris resin/lead pile of shame, and get...

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  • Emerging from the Mere

    Emerging from the Mere

    Hello, long-suffering Fenris customer! Here's hoping you're dealing with this world of perma-exhaustion and uncertainty in less trying circumstances than me .... The Fenris workshop move was completed on August 15th, after some 25ish two-way trips soloing van loads and shipping container 200 miles north,...

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