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  • February catch up!

    February catch up!

    It’s been far too long since I updated here - apologies! A combination of website stuff, general workload, Xmas and RealLife(TM) major family health issues have meant the time free to dedicate to Fenris has been much less than would be ideal. Somehow,...

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  • Fenris on the Painting Phase!

    Fenris on the Painting Phase!

    Last week I was lucky enough to be asked on the hugely popular Painting Phase channel for an interview with Peachy & Co. We got to talk about industrial modelmaking, ducks, RubbleCity, crumpets, resin casting, ducks, fighting in a carpark, and ducks. Check it out...

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  • Army of Duckness on Kickstarter

    Army of Duckness on Kickstarter

    Live on Kickstarter now! - a short and sweet campaign to get 19 new models into production - duck adventurers, birdfolk, scenery, riding beasts and more! Find us on Kickstarter here!

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  • the FREEBIE SCENIE scheme

    the FREEBIE SCENIE scheme

    In these increasingly scattershot days of social media promotion and tightening money-belts, we tiny indie manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to try and maintain customer loyalty for what we know is essentially a luxury purchase, and this new scheme is Fenris’ attempt at...

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  • Muddling through into Summer

    Muddling through into Summer

    Many apologies for overall quietness from Fenris - it’s been a manic 2023 so far with the huge pressure wave of Salute prep pre-April followed almost immediately by the smaller, but Solo show Partizan and then UK Games Expo this coming weekend. Mix in a...

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