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  • PaintaLockdown competition !

    PaintaLockdown competition !

    Painting Competition for Lockdown - something to do while you're indoors, and the chance to win a nice fat gift voucher. Competition to be run on our Twitter @FenrisGames account. Grab something from your Fenris resin/lead pile of shame, and get some paint...

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  • May the 5th be, err, Update

    May the 5th be, err, Update

    Long overdue an Update here, sorry! The curse of the one-man band and ALL THE JOBS. Fenris (ie. me, Ian) are still locked down with 75% of the workshop, moulds, stock and masters 200 miles away in Lincolnshire, and currently inaccessible. I've been effectively living in...

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  • Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

    Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

    ”....Wyrdworld is a single character hand moderated interactive fiction Play-By-Mail game of humorous fantasy and pseudoscience. On a distant world, mankind has been forced into slavery - or worse - while his fellow mammals have evolved. A bit. Barbarian hamsters, ninja lemmings, surfing aardvarks, armadillo...

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  • “May you live in Interesting Times….”

    “May you live in Interesting Times….”

    Apocryphal quotes aside, this is an update I never imagined having to write - contingencies to keep my customers informed during a global pandemic. We've all seen the memes, the jokes, and the panicked responses - and the time for all those is gone. ...

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  • Loyalty Cards are Back !

    Loyalty Cards are Back !

    As part of the ongoing drive to fund my unplanned-but-necessary workshop/home move from one end of the country to the other, I'm launching 2020’s Fenris Loyalty Card now, to give a range of discounts in return, freebies, and added benefits. Loyalty Cards...

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