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  • Summer Closedown

    Summer Closedown

    Further to last month's post about the death of my work partner, my freelance teaching contract has effectively doubled in size & commitment - meaning that I'll be away from the workshop for a couple of weeks at a time between now and...

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  • RIP Danny Johnston

    RIP Danny Johnston

    The euphoria of my recent successful #RubbleCity kickstarter was cut dramatically short a few days later with the unexpected disappearance and subsequent death of my friend and work colleague Danny Johnston. He was one of the most inspirational, decent, and genuine people I ever had...

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  • 2018 Loyalty Card scheme launched !

    2018 Loyalty Card scheme launched !

    Better late than never, we’re launching 2018’s Fenris Loyalty Card now, to give a range of discounts in return, freebies, and added benefits.  Loyalty Cards will be available to purchase between now and December 31st 2018 and offer up to £150 in...

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  • November closure

    November closure

    The webshop is currently closed while I try to clear the backlog of existing orders, kickstarter pledges, and take some time away. Expected re-opening will be in early December.   Apologies for any inconvenience

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  • More Salute guests ...

    More Salute guests ...

    Just confirmed - I'm adding DARKLING GAMES' Chaos Dwergs and Spelltoads to the guestlist for Salute on April 22. This brings the roster to four guest producers - FORGE OF ICE, BRONZE AGE, DIEHARD and DARKLING minis will all be on display/for sale at...

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