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Please note: standard order turnaround time has changed - DUE TO WORKSHOP RELOCATION we now aim to process & post your order within 28 working days of receipt; Please see NEWS section before emailing ! Most items are cast to order - we DO NOT hold huge stocks of any item. We will try to post your order as soon as humanly possible but as a small one-man business there are always a thousand jobs to do at any one time. As a small operation, Fenris don’t have the space to keep stocks of the ever-growing home range and (especially) imported boutique ranges (such as Bronze Age and Forge of Ice). Previously we’ve kept small stocks of only a fraction of these guest ranges - I’ve now added the entire range from both manufacturers to the main webshop. By pre-ordering any of these models you’re potentially saving up to almost 50% on costs versus ordering directly from the US manufacturers (ordering direct to the UK, for instance, on totals over £15.50 incurs 4.7% customs charge, 20% VAT, and £8.00 Parcelforce thandling/delivery charge.) I offset these costs for you by only making import orders every few weeks - so there *may* be an additional delay for your order when ordering any of these items. The next order date for these boutique orders is posted at the top of this page - and delivery/handling times from the US to the UK can add up to another month from that date. Please bear this in mind when placing an order ! If you’d like to contact us, please use the form provided. We’d love to hear from you! Alternatively, you can email us at ian AT FenrisGames DOT com . Please note that we are a very small company and that the nature of our work and workspace means we can’t always get to the phone…. If enquiring about an order please include your name and webshop order # to help us find your details more quickly. Our workshop hours are: 8am - 4pm Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm Saturday