2018 Loyalty Card scheme launched !

2018 Loyalty Card scheme launched !

Better late than never, we’re launching 2018’s Fenris Loyalty Card now, to give a range of discounts in return, freebies, and added benefits.

Loyalty Cards will be available to purchase between now and December 31st 2018 and offer up to £150 in free credit to spend in the webstore and at tradeshows.

1) The Bronze Loyalty Card will cost £50.00 and will be redeemable for £65.00 of Fenris stuff.

2) The Silver Loyalty Card will cost £75.00, and will be redeemable for £95.00 of Fenris goods.

3) The Gold Loyalty Card will cost £100.00, and will be redeemable for £140.00 of Fenris stuff.

4) The Platinum Loyalty Card, costing £200, will be worth £275 when redeemed for Fenris Games stuff.

5) Lastly, and for the first time, comes the Diamond card, priced at £500 and worth £600 in store credit. Ideal for those with big pockets or for sharing amongst your local games club or group.

NB. All loyalty cards bought by/for overseas customers will carry an additional cost to help cover the increasing additional costs of airmail postage; however this will translate to additional credit on each card to the value of that postage increase (so a Silver Overseas card will cost £105 but be worth £160 in redemption value.)

Every Loyalty Card holder will also have their name put into a prize draw to win a huge prize – 1 of everything new we produce in 2018. This could include bases, scenery, miniatures, laser-cut kits and more. In 2016 we produced over 80 new products (valued over £750), so the potential value of this prize is well over £500 !

Loyalty Cards may be redeemed immediately from purchase and are valid until 31st December 2018, and may be spent in any combination of small or large orders, to the redeemable value of the relevant card. Postage is free no matter how many orders in total you use to spend your Loyalty balance. To spend a Card’s value, or part of it, the holder will need to place a direct order through the webcart using a personalised promotional code.

Loyalty Cards can be put in the buyer’s name or that of any other named person (if intended as a gift). Cards are limited to a maximum of 3 per person, and may not be used in conjunction with other special offers or sales. Bronze Age, Darkling, Forge of Ice miniatures and any other imported/bought-in ranges are NOT eligible for payment from Loyalty Card balances. Loyalty Cards MUST be presented if being used to make purchases in person at trade shows we attend.

Terms & Conditions and a how-to guide to using the LC within the webshop and at shows will follow along with the physical card itself early in 2018; you will receive your personalised discount code within a week of purchase.