Entries For June , 2014

  • Post-launch Testing

    Post-launch Testing

    One of the things we've tried to implement on the new site is an auto-posting feature for social media, the theory being that I can blog and post new releases here and have them automatically update to multiple site profiles. So, that said….welcome...

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  • Welcome to the new website !

    Welcome to the new website !

    It's been a long, long time coming and is very much overdue, but we've finally finished this, our new website as a replacement for the old, wonky version that's served us since 2008. The aim has been to make it far easier to...

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  • Cthulhu Wars Phase 2 miniatures

    Cthulhu Wars Phase 2 miniatures

    The second batch of models from the Cthulhu Wars game are now available (some on pre-order) - another 11 models in resin or white metal. Phase Two includes the first of the Great Old Ones models - both Great Cthulhu himself and everyone's favourite bloody...

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  • New Releases

    New Releases

    We try to release something new every month, but don't always have time to post everything new here. Check the “Latest New Stuff” button in the webshop for all the most recent releases.

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