Entries For July , 2014

  • Modular Innsmouth Cobblestones

    Modular Innsmouth Cobblestones

    I've been meaning to add sheets & panels of our base textures to the range of goodies in the webshop pretty much forever, and thanks to the talented and patient Jack at The Lazy Forger we've now got tesselating panels in a variety...

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  • 26th Birthday Bonus Loyalty

    26th Birthday Bonus Loyalty

    26 years ago next week, in a bed and breakfast hotel in Exeter, Fenris Games was born. Back then we were a PBM roleplaying company, and though there's no time for creative writing any more, we're reaching a much wider audience nowadays with resin...

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  • Ongoing order delays

    Ongoing order delays

    Unfortunately I'm still running behind with order fulfilment while I struggle on solo here at the workshops - I've whittled the order queue down from 120+ to less than 20 in the past three weeks - but I really do have to finish moving into...

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  • Salute 2014 video interview

    Salute 2014 video interview

    Paco at G*M*S magazine posted another terrific video interview from this year's Salute, and yours truly features (with news about Cthulhu Wars, and a new, secret project…) from approx. 23:00 in one of the rare occasions I managed to actually get out from...

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