Entries For May , 2020

  • We’re all Mad as Hell

    We’re all Mad as Hell

    Another week, another parade of real world strangeness, another Fenris Update ! Hope everyone is well and safe out there, and managing to power through somehow. I'm still in lockdown at the wrong end of the country, with much of the gubbins needed to run...

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  • PaintaLockdown competition !

    PaintaLockdown competition !

    Painting Competition for Lockdown - something to do while you're indoors, and the chance to win a nice fat gift voucher. Competition to be run on our Twitter @FenrisGames account. Grab something from your Fenris resin/lead pile of shame, and get some paint...

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  • May the 5th be, err, Update

    May the 5th be, err, Update

    Long overdue an Update here, sorry! The curse of the one-man band and ALL THE JOBS. Fenris (ie. me, Ian) are still locked down with 75% of the workshop, moulds, stock and masters 200 miles away in Lincolnshire, and currently inaccessible. I've been effectively living in...

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  • Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

    Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

    ”....Wyrdworld is a single character hand moderated interactive fiction Play-By-Mail game of humorous fantasy and pseudoscience. On a distant world, mankind has been forced into slavery - or worse - while his fellow mammals have evolved. A bit. Barbarian hamsters, ninja lemmings, surfing aardvarks, armadillo...

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