January Latest

Hello! Quick update re the latest postal situation in the UK - we’ve been unable to send out International Orders for almost a week now as Royal Mail’s recent “cyber incident” will not allow the production of postage for orders destined outside the UK. It’s safer (though more frustrating for you!) if we don’t even try to add these orders into the already strike-befuddled backlog of mail in the UK for now but rest assured we’ll be shipping out as soon as it’s feasible to do so. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Normal (UK) order processing, meanwhile, has been slightly delayed by Real Life(TM) following a sewerage incident that’s stopped normal functioning of day-to-day work and the need to see to the health and safety of family. Hoping to be back to normal workshop time this week!

Thirdly and lastly, the replacement laser for our venerable Fenris machine that died just before xmas is now installed but not yet up & running. As soon as the machine’s fully calibrated and working, any outstanding orders requiring cutting or engraving will be completed and shipped ASAP, subject to the provisos above!

HUGE thanks, again, for your patience. This is not exactly the simple start to 2023 I’d been hoping for…

- Ian @ Fenris