Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

Moulding, Mental Health, and Money Pits…

Hello all! Real Life(TM) is finally allowing me a spare timeslot to write a brief update for Wyrdworld ReCreated:Phase ii

As you’ll no doubt be aware, delivery was originally hoped for late April and obviously we’re now a few weeks past that dateline. It’s fair to say that family stuff and real world events have conspired against me/Fenris over the couple of months since the Ko‑fi preorder campaign for these models, but I’m finally in a position to start catching up again. Of course, despite being this campaign having been a pre order and not a Kickstarter, everything is still subject to the same possibilities for delay.

So: Production is ongoing for the sets, scenery, and miniatures. We’re currently in a very busy period in the UK with tradeshows tentatively reopening and production schedules of stock being more in demand as a result. Scheduling with
external contractors is always a fine balancing act and our casters have been absolutely buried under new and existing work, not least with UKGE imminent in less than a week’s time - *everyone* wants show stock, yesterday! Raw materials costs continue to skyrocket, and everything is just taking longer…

However, there should be movement soon which means orders starting to go out. I’m hopeful that I’ll start to get stock in hand by the end of June, now, with everything being posted in short order thereafter, as soon as it arrives here.
This project has definitely been something of a learning curve both in terms of platform and promotion, as well as with the (perhaps inevitable) drop in funding and cashflow for the project that was part of the result. Nevertheless, I’m more than confident that you’ll all be blown away by the quality of these models once they’re on your eager paws - and we can’t wait to see you all getting some paint on them!

Thank you for all your support and patience.

  • Ian @ Fenris