What fresh box hell is this ?

What fresh box hell is this ?

Just over a fortnight since the last Update here - but in this weird twilit world we're all inhabiting now, it's seemed far longer than a mere fourteen days! Regardless, things are changing - AGAIN - here at Fenris, so you're due another clue as to what's going on .....

Lockdown and travel restrictions in the UK have eased and as a result I'm finally able to recommence the workshop/home move northwards; first van load (the 15th so far!) took place last weekend and there are a few more to go 'til I'm done. Weeks of camping in the gradually-packed-away workshop has me at maximum fatigue levels, and it's a struggle to keep packing boxes and driving/unloading them but I really, really can't afford to stay here any longer. I was originally supposed to have been out by the end of March so Lockdown has cost me another three months' unbudgeted rent and there's still been no help forthcoming from Council or Government (Fenris is one of approx. 3 million SMEs in the UK that's fallen through the gaps and yes, I'm well aware of every grant and loan opportunity, thankyou!)

I am still casting and processing orders wherever I can in between the endless round of boxing and driving but the same challenges as before are still present - many master models, moulds, and stock of metals is 200 miles away awaiting my final move. Again, I'm more than happy to part ship orders for those of you desperately keen for your goodies so that you have something to add to the paint queue - DM me on social media or email here at the site if that's you ��

Macrocosm are still spinning up fresh metal and resin to enable the last few Cauldron Warband KS to ship, and CMA have been working on moulding some brand new stuff for me in 28mm - serpent men, african hunting dogs, and an entire pack of wolves - which will hopefully see release late summer, move notwithstanding. The masters for the Cannibal Cult set - destroyed during moulding by accident - have now also been rebuilt and are en route from Ristul and should hopefully be ready to ship in July. Restocks from Bronze Age, Dragonbait and Barbaric Splendor are all in progress too and again should be arriving at the new temp workshop in time to be some of the first orders going out from the Lincs HQ once I'm moved.

Hoping to recover all the lost cutting files migrated to the new PC (see last update) after discovering that almost none of them were backed up to Dropbox; if that's successful then next step is to get the PC hooked up to the laser later tomorrow, in order that a few more orders requiring use of death beams can be processed and posted. Still moving Heaven, Earth, and boxes to get your stuff to you as soon as humanly possible !

Stay Safe ��