Workshop closedown schedule 2018

Due to ongoing freelance teaching work (arising from added workload after the death of my work partner) the Fenris workshop will be closed during these dates over the remainder of 2018:

August 18-24

September 2-7

September 21 - October 7

October 22-26

November 11-23

December 3-7

This will obviously have huge effects on order turnaround but rest assured your stuff WILL get to you. I'm bringing casting equipment away with me for all of the UK engagements so that I can keep grinding away at the backlog during evenings and weekends. #RiseoftheDraugr kickstarter Pledges are rapidly being whittled down and posted; #RubbleCity master moulds and basic sets are under way and still largely on target; Loyalty Card orders and general backlog are also coming down. Rest assured, your order WILL get to you if it kills me.

Huge thanks, as always, for your continued loyalty and patience <3

- Ian