Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

Wyrdworld 2020 - a Lockdown Diceless RPG ruleset

”....Wyrdworld is a single character hand moderated interactive fiction Play-By-Mail game of humorous fantasy and pseudoscience. On a distant world, mankind has been forced into slavery - or worse - while his fellow mammals have evolved. A bit.

Barbarian hamsters, ninja lemmings, surfing aardvarks, armadillo aromatherapists with back problems and many more weird & wonderful personalities charge roughshod over a detailed backgroundthat's also populated by psychotic mutants, raiding insect hordes, bickering small-minded gods and ancient evils awoken by bloody-minded people with an overdeveloped sense of curiosity. Prophecies come true, monolithic leyline markers threaten to rip the world apart, newspaper reporters go missing while interviewing rebel leaders, and massed armies clash in the shadow of artificial mountains haunted by etherstream daemons.

Elsewhere, pregnant chimp acrobats, frog assassins, wolverine commandos and small boys with bells on their hats travel through a world of floating island continents which occasionally bump into one another, promoting brotherly love and plummeting coastal property values. Flying ships, bronze toads, militant cult pub crawls and Mad King Ralph all carry on about their business as if the rest of the Wyrdworld wasn't in the throes of a not-so-minor Armageddon. People try so much on.

Wyrdworld offers a near limitless choice of character type, species, or profession in a simple diceless rules system that encourages roleplaying and fun. Two separately-run campaigns provide totally different backgrounds against which your character's life can unfold. The original campaign provides ample opportunity for those who want to cut themselves a slice of destiny pie and want to get mixed up in politics, warfare, prophecy and cream teas, while the second campaign is ideal for newer adventurers who don't want to mess with the big boys. Both campaigns offer equal opportunities for adventure, fame, prosperity and a mention in the daily obituaries; likewise, both campaigns are equally peculiar in their own little ways….”

Prompted by Bad Squiddo Games' Youtube readings ( https://www.youtube.com/badsquiddogames ) of Snuurg's edda-style retelling of some of the Wyrdworld myths and tales, I've dug up the original rules for creating a character for our old PBM game, the place Fenris first started. Feel free to download the pdf and have a read, and let us see your characters on Twitter or Facebook ! Who knows, if there's enough interest, maybe I'll finally get around to Uploading more of the background and some adventures for your Lockdown family games nights..

Grab the pdf here: https://tinyurl.com/Wyrdworld-link