Phonebox / Policebox Assembly

Phonebox / Policebox Assembly

Your phonebox kit contains two simple parts which will require a minimum amount of skill and work to build into a finished 28mm scale model accessory. These individual items are – cast resin phonebox and a separate sheet of laser-cut vinyl masks.

Tools required: craft knife/scalpel, sanding block or file, medium to fine wet n dry paper, tweezers.

1) Wash resin castings in soapy water to remove all traces of silicone mould residue. Paint may not adhere properly if this stage is omitted. Sand bottom of phonebox flat using a file or wet-n-dry paper.

2) Once properly dry, apply vinyl masks to individual windows. Your kit contains extra masks in case of mistakes. Using tweezers, lift masks in sequence from vinyl sheet and drop into place on resin casting. If necessary, burnish into place with a blunt-ended tool (paintbrush handle, sculpting tool, etc).

3) When all windows are masked, spray prime phonebox. Note for clear standard phonebox kit: red oxide primer undercoat will provide a red interior “look” to your finished phonebox. White primer will leave a white interior, but will remove the need to separately mask and spray lightbox.

4) If red primer is used, once dry – handpaint lightboxes at top of phonebox in white. If white primer is used, or after previous stage if using red, mask out lightboxes.

5) Spray phonebox in pillarbox red. We recommend Halfords spray primers for all resin work, but other spray acrylics should work well.

6) Once paint is dry, pick off all vinyl masks. This should leave you with a fully red phonebox showing clear – but frosted – windows.

7) Using thinned black ink, pick out letters inset into lightboxes. Paint trim at base of phonebox black if required.

8) Once all paints are dry, varnish the whole phonebox in satin or gloss finish. This will “fill in” the frosted windows and make them appear fully clear. NB This step applies to standard phonebox only; police box can be finished matt as required.

Use matt varnish, ink washes, drybrushing etc as required to finish. Phonebox can be securely glued into place on your scenery using superglue.