Useful Tutorials

Instructions for assembling our kits - and some general modelling articles.

We'll be adding to this section over time and are always open to requests for specific guides and tutes.

  • Resin - Painting Prep

    Resin - Painting Prep

    Urethane resins require silicone or wax release agents to be used in the moulding process - some residue of this will inevitably be left on the finished castings. To ensure an even adhesion of primer & paint you should make sure to thoroughly degrease your...

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  • Resin - Sanding Prep

    Resin - Sanding Prep

    Many of the resin castings we produce are made in open-faced moulds which can leave a meniscus or a convex undersurface. This is easily dealt with by use of a heavy grit (80 or 120) wet-and-dry paper. Resin dust is toxic and so all sanding should be...

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  • Using Plasticard & Textured Sheet

    Using Plasticard & Textured Sheet

    Introduction Professional modelmakers have used plastics as virtually their sole working material for over 30 years. However, hobbyists, miniaturists and amateur model builders have continued to use wood, card and brass for their models. There are, of course, applications where those materials are suitable or desirable,...

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