Useful Tutorials

Instructions for assembling our kits - and some general modelling articles.

We'll be adding to this section over time and are always open to requests for specific guides and tutes.

  • Pinning & Basing

    Pinning & Basing

    Prior to pinning - cut off slottatab with snips, zona saw, etc. File or sand undersides of mini's feet to a flat surface for mounting of pins. Models with integral bases require slightly more work - cut away as much of the tab as...

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  • Pylon Assembly

    Pylon Assembly

    Our pylon kit is a multi-part laser-cut kit in marine-grade plywood and dowel. Designed to be easily assembled and fixed with thin superglue for a 280mm tall (15m at 1/55 scale) scenic element suited for any number of post-war and near future wargame settings.

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  • Recommended Tools

    Recommended Tools

    The assembly & painting of resin or white metal models requires essentially the same toolkit, most of which are pretty straightforward and probably already in your possession. This section recommends a few specific pieces that will make working on your models faster and easier. All...

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  • Resin - Painting Prep

    Resin - Painting Prep

    Urethane resins require silicone or wax release agents to be used in the moulding process - some residue of this will inevitably be left on the finished castings. To ensure an even adhesion of primer & paint you should make sure to thoroughly degrease your...

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  • Resin - Sanding Prep

    Resin - Sanding Prep

    Many of the resin castings we produce are made in open-faced moulds which can leave a meniscus or a convex undersurface. This is easily dealt with by use of a heavy grit (80 or 120) wet-and-dry paper. Resin dust is toxic and so all sanding should be...

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