Useful Tutorials

Instructions for assembling our kits - and some general modelling articles.

We'll be adding to this section over time and are always open to requests for specific guides and tutes.

  • Ichabod Crane

    Ichabod Crane

    Ichabod Crane is a multi-part, mixed materials laser-cut kit. All wooden parts can be fixed with superglue or PVA (except where marked otherwise, when freedom of movement is needed). Plastic parts are designed to be left unglued (for use as hinge sleeves). Resin gears should...

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  • Phonebox / Policebox Assembly

    Phonebox / Policebox Assembly

    Your phonebox kit contains two simple parts which will require a minimum amount of skill and work to build into a finished 28mm scale model accessory. These individual items are – cast resin phonebox and a separate sheet of laser-cut vinyl masks. Tools required: craft...

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  • Pinning & Basing

    Pinning & Basing

    Prior to pinning - cut off slottatab with snips, zona saw, etc. File or sand undersides of mini's feet to a flat surface for mounting of pins. Models with integral bases require slightly more work - cut away as much of the tab as...

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  • Pylon Assembly

    Pylon Assembly

    Our pylon kit is a multi-part laser-cut kit in marine-grade plywood and dowel. Designed to be easily assembled and fixed with thin superglue for a 280mm tall (15m at 1/55 scale) scenic element suited for any number of post-war and near future wargame settings.

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  • Recommended Tools

    Recommended Tools

    The assembly & painting of resin or white metal models requires essentially the same toolkit, most of which are pretty straightforward and probably already in your possession. This section recommends a few specific pieces that will make working on your models faster and easier. All...

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