Useful Tutorials

Instructions for assembling our kits - and some general modelling articles.

We'll be adding to this section over time and are always open to requests for specific guides and tutes.

  • Casting stone blocks

    Casting stone blocks

    We now have a growing range of silicone rubber moulds taken from real stone masters in a range of styles and sizes, allowing you to cast your own stock of stones to decorate bases or to complete pieces of scenery. The following tutorial (provided by...

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  • Clive, the nodding donkey

    Clive, the nodding donkey

    Laser-cut kit. Model shown assembled using PVA woodglue for strength; superglue and accelerator will allow faster assembly at the general expense of durability.

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  • Derrick


    Laser-cut kit building an oil derrick platform - also suitable as a comms tower support or any number of SF setpieces.

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  • Griffin House

    Griffin House

    Griffin House is our first kit for the planned Arkham Avenue range of scenery & buildings and as such it's been something of a learning curve for us in terms of producing an architecturally interesting model that's also easily assembled by the average...

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  • How we make new base blanks

    How we make new base blanks

    In these days of readily available printing, we're old school traditionalists who still make most of our stuff by hand (with the aid of relevant tools!) - a case in point being whenever we need a new size or shape of base. The collage...

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